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For most people their wedding day is one of the few times in their life when they are the main focus of a camera lens, and many find this a daunting thought. I’ve developed a style which allows you to be photographed in a relaxed way, and produce easy going formal shots.

This is achieved by acting as an observer, and not being too intrusive when directing for the more formal shots. Beautiful photographs are one thing, but equally important is the manner in which they are obtained.  My approach not only allows you and your guests to enjoy your wedding with limited disruption, but your album will be filled with images which evoke the real emotions of the day. By documenting what I see, as it happens, the end results are beautiful, honest and natural. In essence, you have an uncontrived wedding album embedded with your personality. I try and concentrate on photographing the little details as well as the essences of the day so not a moment is missed.

It’s crucial that you feel comfortable and confident in your photographer, so I ensure I spend time with each couple so when the wedding arrives any inhibitions or worries are already dispelled. This can be done through an engagement photography session, a meeting at the venue, over a cup of coffee or often a mixture of all three!